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KW Command and Facebook Lead Ads

Frans Leys
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KWCommand separates your personal contacts from your team contacts. PieSync will only sync your personal KWCommand contacts.

If you're new to PieSync, this guide will you get started with the essentials.

PieSync can sync existing and new Facebook Lead Ads submissions into KW Command's Contacts database.

Unlike other syncs with PieSync that are two-way or bidirectional - this sync simply sync one-way, from Facebook into KW Command.

Connection rules

You can and should tweak the connection rules as much as needed for your use case. Not only will filters define which contacts are in the scope of the sync, they also come with useful actions.

Leaving the default setup, PieSync would simply move over ALL Facebook Lead Ads, without leaving any bread crumbs into Command. It's therefore recommended to change the rules by applying a lead source, and optionally adding a tag so you know which campaign they are from - though this is just an example!

facebook command

PieSync matches existing contacts on the basis of their email address exclusively

Field mappings

Default field mappings

The field mapping defines how contacts will sync. A huge time & lifesaver in PieSync is that most of these are automatically set for all basic contact fields that Command & Facebook Lead Ads share by default.

Typically it's best to keep these default field mappings all activated as they represent the essential contact attributes that you would not want to grow out of sync in any circumstance.

Customizable field mappings

Field mapping also includes ability to include the mapping of the custom fields you've added to your FB Lead Ad Forms.

fb lead ad mappings

Instead of mappings, consider rules

What is a simple response to a question on your lead ad form, may need to translate into Command tag or stage. That's where connection rules come in again. Here's an example.

rules instead of mappings command fb

PieSync syncs more than just Facebook Lead Ads

Being able to sync Command with Facebook aids in frictionless selling because it keeps the underlying contact data in sync, and saves time in manual import/export operations.

That ease of use & data consistency comes in handy as well when syncing contacts to a billing app, or a secondary CRM, a VOIP system, or even another dedicated marketing platform.

PieSync is not only a turnkey solution to sync Command and Facebook Lead Ads exclusively. In fact, it solves a data problem that goes beyond these two apps. On average, users tend to connect 3-4 applications all through PieSync.

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