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Nimble and MailChimp

Frans Leys

Contacts are the foundation on which your sales organisation is built. But just having them stored in a database, is not going to do much for your bottom line! You need to actively and regularly engage with your prospects, and email is still a good way to make that happen.

If you’re working with a small team, chances are that you don’t have time to manually send emails to everybody on your list separately. Fear not, a helpful chimpansee is coming to your rescue! Mailchimp is a cost-effective way to send automated emails and newsletters to your contacts.

Combine this with the information already stored in your CRM, such as Nimble, and you have a match made in heaven: a new lead in your CRM can automatically be scheduled in Mailchimp to receive a welcome email, updated contact information gets immediately corrected in Mailchimp,… Automating simple tasks like these saves you a lot of time and makes your sales and marketing process a lot more efficient.

In this article we’ll lay out some ways on how to use PieSync to connect Nimble to Mailchimp.

Where does PieSync help?

PieSync can do a 2-way sync between Mailchimp and Nimble. But it’s more than a simple scheduled import/export. Prior to moving contacts from one side to the other, PieSync’s sync technology will check several things:

  • Who is in the Nimble database?
  • Who is on which Mailchimp list?
  • Who is in both apps?
  • Who should be subscribed? Who shouldn’t be subscribed at all?

This scan is needed so the sync can also act on historical data. Then, according to the sync rules you specify, PieSync will truly match up your Nimble’s database with the lists in Mailchimp.

Of course, importing & exporting cannot be a one time thing. Contacts evolve constantly. PieSync keeps them in sync moving forward.

PieSync’s easy setup comes with a complete mapping interface to translate Nimble’s properties to Mailchimp merge tags & regular tags. Manage group membership in Mailchimp, change lifecycle stages in Nimble based on Mailchimp behavior, etc.

“PieSync will update both databases when you have a new subscriber in either system, and it will constantly check for updates to overwrite the information whenever a change is made.”

This means you won’t have to worry about manually import/export data ever again or about having duplicates or outdated data!

Combined Shape

This would be free for Nimble users if you have less than 2K contacts to keep in constant sync. Even if your database is larger, you can still rely on PieSync to move data across.

Sounds great! How do I get started?

PieSync is available within your Settings under Networks & Imports. In Networks & Imports, just select "Contacts" then run a search for the app you'd like to connect with Nimble. In our case, we’ll select Mailchimp.

A one time operation involves authorizing both apps at this stage, which is super easy. A popup will open inside PieSync and you just log in to both platforms respectively. For MailChimp, you have to set up a sync one list at a time. This brings you to the sync setup, where you can leave everything to its default settings, or really dial in some custom syncs.

Beware! The default rules will make both databases identical. That's great, however...

  • All contacts in Nimble will go into MailChimp, so that may include contacts or leads who don’t want to receive email marketing.
  • All contacts in MailChimp will go into Nimble, so you're running the risk of making this sync very heavy depending on your database.

To avoid those unwanted scenarios, use the filters, or you can turn off any of these two rules if they don't fit your workflow.

What are filters & actions?

Filters & actions allow you to really dial in the sync settings. For instance, consider the following example where contacts with a Nimble tag are matched up to a group in MailChimp.

There is a toggle at the bottom of this rule meaning you can also consider the rule in the other way around. Depending on the group in MailChimp, some contacts will be synced to Nimble, and others will be kept out of scope.

Cleaning up old mails

Here’s another rule to capture e-mail addresses that grow stale in your databases. When Mailchimp cannot deliver newsletters, those mailings will bounce. After a couple of such bounces, it will put those addresses in a cleaned list. This rule will have PieSync add a tag in your Nimble database when that happens so you can swap out the old e-mail address with a new one.

Leveraging Mailchimp tags

Since Mailchimp introduced tags in 2018, establishing a close link between your CRM and your newsletter platform has become more important than ever. PieSync rules can control those Mailchimp tags. Here’s an example where being a customer in Nimble makes sure that Mailchimp knows about that. It’s a rule that works both ways!

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