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Capsule CRM and Quickbooks

Frans Leys

Integrate Quickbooks and Capsule

By creating a sync between Capsule and Quickbooks, colleagues in accounting can count on the addresses in Quickbooks to be correct and up to date and vice versa.

It can also automatically send customer information from Capsule to Quickbooks when a deal is closed so that invoicing can begin. This saves your teams loads of time and ensures that customer data is up to date across all your apps.

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Through PieSync your sales team can now smoothly hand over the necessary contacts for invoices to accounting and vice versa

Let's get started!

To integrate Quickbooks and Capsule first authorise your apps on the PieSync dashboard

Thereafter, Setup a two-way sync between your invoicing app and your CRM.

After closing a deal, sales staff typically identifies to whom invoices should be sent. They will create this contact in the CRM. Through PieSync, these contacts can be pushed to accounting in a controlled way by labeling them with "Invoice recipient" or something similar. 

Set up a rule in PieSync to push contacts from Capsule CRM to Quickbooks if they carry a specific tag. This way, colleagues in accounting can rely on recipients' address information to be pre-filled out in Quickbooks, without them having to get back to sales. Smooth handover!

In a less ideal scenario, maybe sales doesn't do a proper handover to accounting. No worries: even when accounting creates new contacts in their own invoice app, they will be pushed to and identified as invoice recipients in the CRM. So make sure you set up a rule that stipulates that PieSync pushes contacts from Quickbooks to Capsule CRM if they carry a specific tag.

Last, but not least, Quickbooks can track whether a contact still has open invoices or not to their name. This is definitely information that's worthwhile pushing to your CRM.  Since PieSync works 2-way, as soon as the invoice gets paid, the tag disappears in the CRM. Make sure you switch on the toggle next to "Undo" for this - this toggle is located under the rule on the PieSync dashboard.

Hit sync once you’re happy with your configuration.

That’s it! You’ve got your accounting and sales teams all aligned. Have you thought about aligning your other teams such as marketing or customer ware?

Happy syncing!