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Zoho CRM and MailChimp

Frans Leys

Are you using ZohoCRM & Mailchimp side by side? Did you wish they play nice with each other? You’re not alone.

PieSync’s sync engine helps you create an intelligent 2-way connection between ZohoCRM and Mailchimp… and nearly 200 other cloud-based apps in real time.

Businesses that use this sync notice an increase in productivity because they no longer have to manually keep email lists up to date in either app. It is also easier to implement email marketing campaigns knowing that all your subscriber information is up to date.Correct subscriber information is paramount these days, with strict data protection laws such as GDPR. You don't want to be hit with a fine because you accidentally sent out a bunch of emails to subscribers who are no longer opted-in!This sync helps you send out timely campaigns to interested subscribers in email marketing lists with the most up to date information.

What about Zoho's free Mailchimp extension?

There are several differences between the native Zoho - Mailchimp extension and 2-way contact syncing with PieSync.

First of all, the native integration only syncs daily, and sometimes, daily updates are not enough. That's why the sync of PieSync runs constantly. Every 5 minutes, your changes will be visible in your database. New subscribers sync into Mailchimp, and updates to subscribers sync through as well.

Then, in PieSync you can provide much more nuance in the scope of the sync using filters. You get to say which leads or contacts in Zoho move into Mailchimp based on any Zoho attributes imaginable.

The sync is 2-way. Move data into Mailchimp, but also take subscribers and move them into Zoho. You get to say how the data should sync: how should custom fields populate, which tags should sync on either side, groups set in Mailchimp, etc. apply tags, ...

It's unclear whether Zoho's built-in Mailchimp extension even allows to sync custom fields.

Let's get started with PieSync

First of all, select two apps you want to sync with each other. In this case, we will select Zoho CRM and Mailchimp. Then, authenticate your apps on the PieSync dashboard. Click here to find out how to authorize Zoho CRM. You get to choose here to sync either Zoho Leads or Zoho Contacts.

For MailChimp, you can sync one MailChimp audience per connection slot. If you want to sync more MailChimp lists, you have to create more syncs. Click here to find out how to authorize MailChimp.

 MailChimp advocates using one master list, as opposed to many small lists. Read this best practices guide to find out more.

Then it's time to set up a two-way sync between Zoho CRM and MailChimp. 

This essentially lays out the logic that all contacts in Zoho CRM will be synced to MailChimp and all contacts in MailChimp List (List Name) will be synced to Zoho CRM.

Because syncing ALL contacts between the two is usually not what we're after, you can add some nuance to the sync.

From Zoho into Mailchimp

Setting up multiple syncs based on different criteria

This setup resembles one that we covered in a case study. Read more on the story of syncing Zoho CRM with Mailchimp & Aircall.

Filter Based on Tags

You can filter contacts using Zoho CRM tags. To do this add a filter under Zoho CRM on both rules.I have added the additional filter that the contact has the tag "Newsletter" then it will be synced to MailChimp. If someone subscribes to the MailChimp List (via a form on your website), their information will be synced to Zoho CRM and the tag "Newsletter" will be added.

Sync based on opt-in and opt-out preferences

You can also keep your email lists sparkling clean by syncing based on your subscriber's opt-out and opt-in preferences. In the following example, customers who have not opted out are subscribed to a list. If a customer unsubscribes from your mailing list, this information gets picked up by PieSync and is reflected in Zoho CRM.

From Mailchimp into Zoho

Picking up on unsubscribes & bounces

Specifically for the European audiences, if you truly want some help in obtaining GDPR compliancy, check out the following example rule. As your signup forms include different GDPR boxes, you can start capturing these in your sync to have them update a label, or a custom field in Zoho CRM. The opposite is true as well - if you happen to capture GDPR opt in through a different system, you can have PieSync set set up the permission properly for your subscribers in Mailchimp.

Subscriber preferences translated into Zoho CRM

Complete custom mappings

Combined Shape

Download our free e-book 'PieSync Guidelines for Zoho CRM users'Learn more about ZohoCRM and Mailchimp in their respective help articles.

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