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Pipedrive and Zendesk

Frans Leys

Pipedrive is an exciting and powerful CRM, managing and visualizing your company's sales pipeline in a simple way. A clear overview of your leads and outstanding deals will enable you to prioritize tasks efficiently and help you reach the targets you had in mind!

Zendesk streamlines your support with time-saving tools like ticket views, triggers, and automation. This helps you get straight to what matters most! Better customer service and more meaningful conversations.

Keep your contact count down

Only sync Clients to Zendesk

Stay in control over whether contacts get pushed into Zendesk

Only sync end-users into Pipedrive

Otherwise you'd be creating a person in Pipedrive for any random ticket you're getting in.

Complete the custom mappings

Create a series of custom fields in Zendesk & Pipedrive so that you can exchange information.

Fast end-to-end resolution is only possible when the support staff has all customer information at hand. Does your ticketing tool show all attributes to that corresponding customer?

Maximize the custom mappings in PieSync to send across as much information as possible from your CRM into your support's toolset: 

Mailinglist status. Your support team has to share the e-mail channel with whatever marketing is already sending to the customers. Yet sometimes, support tools are also used to mass broadcast... Respect your audience's subscription status!

Customership. It's so straightforward yet often overlooked. Whether or not someone reaching out for help is actually a paying customer is not often something your support tool can be natively made aware of. This attribute helps you set up dedicated support for paying customers, to distinguish it from your visitors.

Sales rep/Customer success contact. Who should Support reach out to when things need escalating? This is information that should be available at a glance.

Depending on the properties of these fields, the information can sometimes only go in one way. Make sure you label those fields as such by naming them "Read-Only". This way, your sales reps / support staff are less inclined to manually change data that would otherwise get overwritten by PieSync.

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