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How does PieSync compare to Formstack?

Frans Leys

Thank you for considering PieSync over Formstack.

Please note the differences in syncing capabilities between PieSync and Formstack (formerly Bedrock Data). The attentful reader will realize that we are PieSync in drafting this simplified comparison - so we're obviously going to be biased.

Try out PieSync in a 14 day no commitment trial.

PieSync is fully dedicated to building a syncing platform.Formstack offers a range of data solutions including Bedrock Data
220+ supported apps and any app can sync with any app6 supported sync connectors
Anyone can get started with 14-day self service trialContact Formstack to get a demo and sign a contract
Starts at 39 usd/month and scales with number of contactsStarts at 500 usd/month for one sync
Monthly commitmentYearly commitment
Supported objects
Contacts (and/or leads)Contacts (and/or leads)
Coming in 2021Contact/company associations
Coming in 2021 Deals

If all you need is contacts or companies synced, PieSync is a good fit. For example; you are using a CRM to track sales on customers, and you need these contacts to sync with a marketing platform.

If you're looking for full data replication between two systems that goes beyond mere customers, you should probably first consider an implementation through Formstack.