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Intelligent syncing for Nimble

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Nimble is a social CRM for small businesses that centralizes contacts and delivers a 360° view of all customers. Nimble’s easy-to-use contact manager generates actionable social insights, tracks engagement history, and works well with other SaaS-based business apps, such as the ones listed here.

Nimble and Google Contacts (G Suite)

Google Contacts and G Suite, don't have their own team contacts manager. This is a huge headache for administrators who want to be able to manage contacts on a team based level.  Many businesses choose to use Nimble in conjunction with Google Contacts or G Suite because it allows administrators to manage contacts on a team based level. 

Thanks to PieSync's team features, you and your colleagues can sync contacts in Google Contacts or G Suite into Nimble.  Duplicates (where the same contact is synced multiple times) are prevented because PieSync first checks to see if no similar contacts have been synced based on email addresses.  

➡️  Google to Nimble. Don't sync your complete Google Contact list, create intelligent sync rules by filtering by groups found in Google Contacts and G Suite. This way, you remain in full control of which contacts are synced to Nimble.

⬅️  Nimble to Google. All contacts that are added to Nimble will also be synced by PieSync into the corresponding Google Group. 

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What happens to deletions? If you delete a contact in either app, PieSync will label the deleted contacts as "trash" in the other app so you can manually check and then delete them there too (explanation video)

Nimble and HubSpot

MQLs may have limited profiles in HubSpot. Combined with the power of Nimble, you can further enrich your contact information in HubSpot. 

➡️  Nimble to HubSpot. Nimble sends enriched contact information to HubSpot so your HubSpot lead scoring can be calculated based on more attributes.

⬅️  HubSpot to Nimble. You can sync website visits and website activity  from HubSpot and into Nimble.

For instance, you can control Nimble's contact rating based on a prospect's responsiveness to e-mails that are being sent via HubSpot. 

If your marketing runs on HubSpot, you can score based on :

  • e-mails clicked
  • e-mails opened
  • website visits
  • website link clicks
  • form submissions
  • ... and so much more

You can also directly sync HubSpot's analytics to Nimble through PieSync's customizable field mapping. 

First, create the custom fields you need within Nimble, such as when did they last visit your website, and what was the last marketing e-mail they opened from you?

On the PieSync dashboard you can map those custom fields between HubSpot and Nimble, so that this information is synced to Nimble from HubSpot. You only need to link these fields once, and you're all setup! 

Nimble and MailChimp

One of the most popular PieSync integrations is keeping selected (marketing opted-in) Nimble contacts in sync with a MailChimp list.

Syncing through PieSync is a 2-way affair:

➡️  Nimble to MailChimp. Nimble contacts that have opted-in to a mailing list will be synced to MailChimp

⬅️  MailChimp to Nimble. New subscribers to your mailing list (e.g through a webform) will be synced to your Nimble contact list. 

Don't just blindly sync your Nimble contacts to your MailChimp list. Only sync those contacts of whom you have obtained express permission. In the following example, a tag in Nimble is controlling whether or not contacts get synced to MailChimp.

The rule comes with a handy toggle that completes the 2 way sync. This toggle works like this. Say you have a newsletter and you contacts opt-in to receive it. The contacts that have opt-in for your newsletter will get the tag "Newsletter" inside Nimble. If the contact no longer wants to receive the newsletter, simply removing the tag in Nimble and PieSync will ensure that this information is synced to MailChimp, and they will be unsubscribed in MailChimp. Watch this 3 minute video on some typical MailChimp and Nimble usecases: 

Nimble and Quickbooks

Through a sync between Nimble and Quickbooks, colleagues in accounting can count on the addresses in Quickbooks to be correct and up to date. This saves time going back to sales or customer care to find out if the details are correct. Through the power of syncing, your business has only one address book to maintain: Nimble's.

➡️  Nimble to Quickbooks. When sales closes a deal, the customer's address information is synced into Quickbooks. You can configure this for all contacts, or only when a deal is won.

⬅️  Quickbooks to Nimble. If accounting creates new contacts in Quickbooks, they will be synced to Nimble, along with the information about their payment status (handy for sales and customer care teams who are in contact with contacts). 

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