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Preparing your data for PieSync

Frans Leys

5 quick steps to do before you hit "Sync!"

Hesitant to "Start syncing now" after you configured a sync?
Follow these steps to gain peace of mind! 

1) Pause other syncs to your apps

Turn off or pause any existing integrations in parallel (other PieSyncs, Zapier, Fullcontact, etc). Leaving these syncs on can lead to unpredictable results. Check your CRM's account settings, you may already be syncing some data (one way).

2) Back up your data

In the next step, we'll give you some tips on cleaning up your data. That's why it's wise to make a backup first should you be too enthusiastic in cleaning contacts. Google Contacts, Icloud, ContactsPlus save a temporal state of your Contacts so you can always go back to a state prior to a sync. Have contacts on your phone? Here's a checklist.

3) Time to clean

Delete contacts you won't ever need anymore. You may want to empty Google's "Other Contacts" folder filled with legacy contacts. Make sure your source & target data is rid of duplicates. Use the “find & merge duplicates” features of Google/iCloud/Outlook or from your CRM. 

Once the sync is started, you can continue performing these clean up operations. PieSync can detect cleaning up contacts.

4) Do a sanity check

Perform a human check on whether the find&merge duplicates did its job. Merge whichever duplicates that weren’t detected automatically, delete old contacts or old addresses. By default, PieSync will only sync contacts that have an e-mail address, which is what we then use on the other side of the sync to keep your contacts unique. 

5) Run a test sync

If you want to test PieSync on a limited dataset, you can apply some intelligent rules to narrow down the sync. 

  • For instance, adapt rules to only sync contacts with a specific dedicated test-tag, and have it update a specific field on the other side as extra proof. If you only tag one contact in your CRM with this very specific tag, only this contact will sync. The other contacts remain untouched.
  • Don't have tags in your app? Consider creating a test contact with a dummy or test e-mail address and only leave this rule enabled. Works just as well. Just know that sometimes a dummy e-mail address won't get created inside your ESP client.

  • Furthermore, you can always disable rules to prevent contacts from being created into an environment where you want to avoid unexpected contacts from being pushed towards! 

What are you waiting for? Start syncing! 

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