Run successful marketing campaigns

Your marketing team need to have access to the most up to date customer and prospect information. PieSync connects your marketing apps with customer care, accounting and sales, and syncs customer and prospect data across all the apps. This means the entire team can get a 360° view on each lead and customer.

Generate marketing qualified leads, faster

PieSync’s Intelligent Syncing allows you to create if-this-then-that workflows so you can do things such as automatically subscribe or unsubscribe customers from email marketing lists or send hot leads to the sales team’s CRM.

Intelligent Sync Unsubscribes

Get your leads while they’re hot into a drip email campaign. Intelligent Syncing uses advanced “if-this-then-that” workflows to automate processes, funnel leads through email campaigns, or ensure your marketing automation automatically flags hot leads to the sales team’s CRM.

Send highly-targeted emails

Quality, up to date customer and lead data is essential for successful marketing campaigns. PieSync helps you maintain a high-quality email marketing list by ensuring your database is duplicate free. By maintaining a continuous 2-way sync, your email marketing lists will always be up to date with the latest leads and customers.

Be more productive

PieSync helps you be more productive by automating back office tasks like data entry. If you have data in your marketing automation, PieSync ensures this is automatically synced to the Sales Team’s CRM, etc. No more worrying about database maintenance, so you can concentrate on what you do best - marketing.

Epic Design Labs

Epic Design Labs

Epic Design Labs is using PieSync to keep customer contacts in sync between SharpSpring, Zendesk, Recurly and Google Contacts.

Ander Group Case Study

Ander Group Case Study

Ander Group uses PieSync to keep HubSpot, Google Contacts, MailChimp and Nimble in Sync.

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