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Find out how you can team up with PieSync to connect two-ways with other cloud apps.

Agile CRM

Integrate your SaaS app with hundreds of other tools

With an ever-increasing number of cloud apps for users to choose from, interconnectivity is more important than ever.

It's likely that your customers are using your SaaS app alongside dozens of other applications - so integrating with the rest of the cloud ecosystem can make a world of difference for them. Integrating apps increases productivity, automates big chunks of everyday tasks and unifies databases.

But building these integrations yourself can be time-consuming and expensive. PieSync builds a two-way bridge between your SaaS platform and hundreds of other cloud apps, syncing contact, company and lead data in real time across customers' tech stacks.

Offering a two-way, real-time PieSync integration boosts your value proposition and ensures your app is fully connected with the cloud-based technology ecosystem. .

PieSync will:

  • Build the integration for you
  • Help market the new connections
  • Keep track of API changes from all of our app partners
  • Provide support for customers using PieSync to connect your app

Other partnership options

Ever since HubSpot acquired PieSync in November 2019, our partnership options have also expanded. Find out more about becoming a HubSpot partner below.
Find out more about the acquisition here.

HubSpot Solutions Partner

For agencies and service providers with expertise in HubSpot and PieSync.

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HubSpot App Partner

For developers and companies that want to grow their business by building apps on HubSpot's open platform.

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HubSpot Affiliate

For bloggers, review sites or other content creators who want to monetize their content and help businesses grow better.

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