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Here you can find everything you need to help your clients get the most out of our integration, including the access to your free account. Our team is ready to answer any questions you may have. So don’t hesitate to reach out!

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    Our social media request form whenever you want us to add something to our social media calendar, like promote an event, a feature release, or anything else!

    API endpoint of available connectors

    We expose the long list of PieSync's available (or soon to be) connectors in real time on an open endpoint. You can leverage this information to build out your app's marketplace. Amend the URL with the name of your app the same way you find it on this page (replace "googlecontacts")

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    Take the PieSync Partner Quiz

    Think you know PieSync? There's a max of 20 points to be scored in this interactive quiz.

    Terms & Conditions

    A downloadable version of our Terms & Conditions ( Includes a copy of our Data Processing Annex.

    Information security

    An overview on how information security is maintained at PieSync both from an application POV as well as on an organizational level.

    Competitor Comparison

    Competitor Comparison - See the use cases for PieSync vs Zapier,, BedrockData,, Workato, MuleSoft, Jitterbit, DellBoomi

    Want to have a training for your team?

    Do your customer-facing teams want to know more about PieSync? A 60 minute (or less) training for your team to address what PieSync does, what value it brings for your customers, and to answer any questions you may have.

    Getapp reviews

    PieSync customers love to share how happy they are using PieSync. Take a look at these reviews at Getapp.

    G2 crowd reviews

    PieSync has a bunch of happy customers that are sharing their user experience on G2 crowd.

    Sales slide deck for solution partners

    A link to a Google Slides presentation to be used as a basis to (re)sell PieSync. Export available to various formats: ppt & key

    Guest blog guidelines

    Want to submit a guest blog? Some simple guidelines apply. Please reach out to Claudia Martinez ( to get featured on

    Video: Elevator pitch

    Short on time? Need a quick refresher on what PieSync is all about? Our solutions engineer Frans needs just 60 seconds to explain PieSync.

    Vote here!

    Every week, one new app gets added to the list of available connections. Please make sure you let your voice heard so we can give proper direction to our roadmap. Vote here.

    Video: PieSync vs Zapier to set up a 2-way sync

    PieSync's two-way syncing and Zapier's trigger-action workflow handling are fundamentally different. This 4 minute presentation compares the two methodologies.

    One pager PieSync

    This one pager gives a short explanation about what PieSync is. This can be sent to customers and prospects.

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