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What is the difference between PieSync and Tray.io?
Discover how to connect applications with this Tray.io alternative.

Why PieSync is the best alternative to Tray.io

Can you fully sync the data between two apps?

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Currently, Tray.io does not offer two-way syncing features like version merging or data conflict resolution. Most supported apps don't have triggers for updated data.

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Yes, in both directions. Conflicting data is managed in a controlled way – fields will never be overwritten.

If I update information in one app, will that change be reflected in the other app?

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In most cases, no. Unless you create a webhook to pick up on such events. In that case, you'll need to set up a dedicated bot for it.

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Yes, PieSync constantly monitors the records in both apps, and when it detects changes, it updates the data in the connected app, keeping everything in sync.

What about my historical data. Would it be in sync?

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It’s cumbersome. You can manually build out historical syncing in a separate workflow, but it may not be available for your combination of apps. This solution doesn't work in both directions.

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Yes, during the initial sync, PieSync matches the existing, historical data between the two systems, and also keep any new data in sync in one single setting.

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Synchronizing apps

PieSync focuses on bringing apps together by fully syncing data between apps and automagically allowing you to work with the same data in different apps. PieSync is purpose-built to synchronize contacts in both directions, in real-time.

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Building out workflows

Tray.io is all about creating an automated sequence of events, or workflows. The service pushes data from one app to another one. Whether it’s from a template, or from scratch, Tray.io makes you draw out a one-directional workflow in a drag-and-drop interface.

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When to choose PieSync?

  • When you need to work with the same, correct and updated information in different apps simultaneously. It's ideal when working in teams, remotely or on mobile.
  • When you need duplicate prevention, controlled data merging and updates on both sides.

For 2-way real time sync of contacts data, PieSync is the way to go.

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When to choose Tray.io?

  • When you want to automate a sequence of events and don't need apps to talk to each other in both directions.
  • Think if-this-then-that scenarios. You need Slack to notify you of a newsletter signup. A sequence of actions need to take place when someone closes a deal in Salesforce.

For one-way, one-time workflows across multiple apps, Tray.io is great.

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Everything works smoothly with PieSync. After a 10-minute setup we were able to sync our contacts between Salesforce and HubSpot. In Salesforce we collect information about clients and prospects that, thanks to the sync, we can use in HubSpot for marketing purposes. I would definitely recommend it!

I love PieSync! We had to switch a client from MarketingCloud to ActiveCampaign and PieSync gave me immediate (and seamless) access to the Salesforce contact information we needed within hours! PieSync was so simple, intuitive, and reassuring. Great results within less than a few hours!

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