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Supporting Business Accounts in Acumatica CRM

Good news for Acumatica users! While we released the ability to sync companies amongs themselves a while ago, we did not yet offer that feature to all our apps. Acumatica CRM is n…

Supporting domains

Zoho stores data in different top level domains (TLD) - and we've now rolled out support for the TLD Obviously, we're going to investigate which other TLD's we're mi…

Target Accounts in HubSpot

HubSpot's expanded its ABM capabilities by allowing you to mark certain companies as so-called target accounts.. PieSync now includes this in its sync rules for both companies, as…

Support multiple currencies for Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM has a "Currency" field that you can populate on contacts. This is only available when enabling multiple currencies. You can now point to this currency property inside of…

More fields exposed in the ConnectWise Manage connector

Hear ye, hear ye. You can now sync contacts out of CW with greater precision as we are giving you the ability to filter on Billing Contacts and Primary Contacts individually.

Supporting AU region in Vision6

Our newly added connector Vision6 has a separate Australia based product line as well ( which we are supporting right now!

Manage your PieSync email preferences via the app

Via the menu inside of the PieSync web application, you can now access a page to control all of your newsletter subscriptions. Unsubscribe or subscribe, all available to you with …

Support for Quickbooks sandboxes

Ain't no party like a sandbox party. This time, Quickbooks users can join in on the sync fun. Quickbooks is not the type of app that you want to inadvertently sync wrong data in …

Support self-hosted versions of OroCRM

Now, OroCRM instances that you host yourself are supported as well, alongside the typical cloud-hosted version.

Easier custom mapping of fields

We refreshed the custom field mapping feature by introducing a search option in the select box, and by applying some decent grouping on these fields.

Flexmail Preference Center supported

We're now supporting the Flexmail Preference Center! This is great to funnel customer input straight into your CRM...Or to preset certain values in Flexmail, as you know, PieSync …

Salesloft Contact Restrictions

When marking a contact as "Do Not Contact" in Salesloft, you are getting a popup giving you the choice between "Do not contact" / "Restrict Calls" / "Restrict emails" / "Restrict…