Custom fields for Constant Contact and more

We've applied a considerable update to our Constant Contact sync.

As Constant Contact are in the process of refreshing their user interface - rolling this out throughout the next months - we already wanted to make sure the elements in our sync correspond to the new field and naming conventions.

It's more than a happy accident that this unlocked a whole series of new sync functionality for you! Custom fields and more!

New fields such as birthday, anniversary, created at & updated at are now available. More importantly, we now also support syncing in and out of custom fields.

Just like our two-way sync, there are many advantages to us supporting custom fields in Constant Contact.

  1. We can sync data into Constant Contact's custom fields. Got some juicy data in your CRM that you want to use in segmenting your audience? You can now map it into custom fields.
  2. We can sync data out of them. Are you capturing this information in Constant Contact and you want it funneled in your CRM? Got you covered.
  3. We can sync data two way_. Whatever proprietary data just needs to live in either place in your software stack, we'll keep this data in sync anywhere, anytime.

If you're not seeing these updated field mappings in your Constant Contact sync, please set up a new connection, as this only works for connections set up after today.

Connectors involved

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