Improved handling of deleted contacts (for certain apps)

PieSync will now visually indicate inside of Health that a contact has been in sync with a (now) deleted opposite. And, logically, it will not replace the deleted opposite contact with a newly-created one...

This improvement applies to those apps where we can detect deletions to begin with.

In a typical sync, PieSync would constantly make sure contacts exist in both your apps for as long as your sync rules say so.

But what happens when you delete a contact on one side? PieSync is hard-coded not to delete that contact on the other side. Doing otherwise could lead to ugly and unwanted outcomes.

Instead, PieSync will simply tag the contact on the other side as "trash" or "deleted". You need to configure your sync in a certain way in order for this to happen.

While this only works in certain apps, this improvement helps troubleshoot inside of PieSync and lets you know whether or not PieSync detected a contact to be deleted.