Matching companies on domain names

When setting up a company sync we will use the company's "domain property" as a piece of information to match identical records on both sides of the sync. PieSync will do this for the following apps - mostly CRM's - as these are the only ones leveraging the "domain" property.

HubSpot, Insightly, Nimble, Outreach, Copper, Salesloft, Vtiger and Zendesk

Before, when setting up a company sync, we'd only match on their (exact) name and on their email, if any. However, with some apps also mentioning a "company domain", we wanted to unlock this more straightforward way of matching companies with one another. This is a much better matching source as it helps us match companies with a slightly different name (such as "" with "salesforce" and "HubSpot Inc." with "HubSpot")