Sync ownership

For many of its CRM connectors, PieSync applies ownership automatically, or at least gives you control through the rules as to how it should be transferred in the sync.

Two popular supported contact management tools, namely Nimble and Contacts+, featured a concept of ownership since quite some time, but only recently have we updated our sync connectors for you to control this too.

Use the sync rules to control ownership. Set up multiple rules if you need multiple owners synced with one another. More info.

While the screenshot shows a sync between Nimble and Contacts+ - of course this is now possible for all our syncs, including HubSpot, Salesforce, Pipedrive and Zoho CRM.

It makes for such an important distinction inside of a CRM: contacts being owned by a sales rep or an account representative as opposed to them simply being unassigned... and 'up for grabs'.

No need for you to shout out 🐦 Mine! in seagull fashion anymore.

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