Starring in Google Contacts

If you are using the 'Star' feature in Google Contacts I bring good tidings to you.

You can now include rules in your Google Contacts sync to take into account the fact that someone is starred or not!

We already supported Google Contacts labels, but now the sync rules also include filters for "Starred contacts".

This lets you finetune with even greater precision which contacts you'd like to sync out of your Google Contacts.

Starring is also available as a sync action. Contacts behaving a particular way in your other app, you could have PieSync star these so they appear at the top of your Google Contacts list (since that's really just about the only reason why you'd be starring your Google Contacts)

If you're not seeing this rule in your Google Contacts sync, please set up a new connection, as this only works for connections set up after today.

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