Support for Netsuite sandboxes

Ain't no party like a sandbox party. This time, Netsuite users can join in on the sync fun.

Netsuite is definitely not the type of app that you want to inadvertently sync wrong data in or out of. We now allow you to sync data in or out of your sandbox environment of Netsuite.

When putting in account ID credentials, make sure you respect case sensitivity- such as 4878808_SB1 instead of 4878808_sb1.

If you're the type of organization that likes to test things, repeat those tests, do them again, validate, test again, QA, and test... you likely have a sandbox environment alongside your production environment of Netsuite.

How scary it must have been to see PieSync only offer the possibility to sync directly into your production environment. Those sweaty palms are a thing of the past, since you can now safely sync with your sandbox first, before setting up a sync to your production Netsuite.

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