Supporting Close custom fields for contacts

Many apps that we support give you the ability to store proprietary business data. You would do so in a feature that's often called "custom fields". Close is no different - and we now support syncing data in and out of the custom fields in contacts.

We actually already supported custom fields for Close’s lead object - but now we support contacts too.

Just like our two-way sync, there are many advantages to us supporting custom fields in Close.

  1. We can sync data into Close custom fields. Got some juicy data in another app and you need to work with it in Close? You can now map it into custom fields.
  2. We can sync data out of them. Let Close’s custom data fuel other apps.
  3. We can sync data two way_. Whatever proprietary data just needs to live in either place, we'll keep this data in sync anywhere, anytime.

Connectors involved