Updates to the ActiveCampaign sync

We updated our ActiveCampaign sync by hooking into their latest API. What's new?

  • Rules with regards to contact scores are available (greater than, less than)
  • Improved sync reach: the initial sync now takes into contacts not part of any list
  • More field mappings available! Bounce status and create/update timestamps!
  • Contact notes in ActiveCampaign can now be mapped read-only to a text box in your other app

Using the latest API guarantees longerlasting support and more goodies for you!

If you're not seeing this rule in your current ActiveCampaign sync, please set up a new connection, as this only works for connections set up after today.

Some things work differently though - so take note that "tags" in mappings will no longer work - they are only accessible through sync rules, which offers better control.

Additionally, the 'account name' is no longer read-write in the field mappings, but read-only (for now, soon we'll improve on this).

Connectors involved