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Have your contacts in sync 2-way and in real time.

Your business contacts are everywhere: you have contacts on your phone, CRM, email marketing tool, lead generation tool and so many other apps. How do you keep them all in sync? PieSync's 2-way contact sync is the perfect solution.

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A true contact sync

You collect contact data through different business applications, but the information within their databases is constantly changing. In that scenario, it becomes difficult to keep all your contact information aligned.

PieSync is here to help you. Unlike one-way pushes, PieSync works two-way and in real time. That means that when you add or update contact information in one of apps - no matter which one - you'll have that change available in the other apps. Want to stick to a one-way sync? No problem - we offer that option too. You can customize your sync any way you want it.

Here are some amazing features that will immediately increase your productivity:

If-this-then-that rules

Do you want to sync only a subset of contacts? We understand: you might not need your personal contacts on your CRM or your suppliers' contact info on your email marketing tool. PieSync offers easy-to-setup rules or conditions you can create to determine which subsets of contacts to sync and how.

Sync according to your contacts' attributes, labels, tags, groups or lists. That way, you can maintain your segmentation preferences across your business tools.

Automatic field mapping

By default, PieSync automatically maps the typical information fields of your contacts between business applications. Once you set up your sync, you'll see automatically mapped fields, such as phone number, email address, etc.

When a piece of information is only available in one app, but the field for that data is available on the other one, that information will then become available in both apps. That's how you enrich both databases.

Custom field mapping

What about those fields you created yourself within your business apps? We know some businesses have their own way to store contact information. It's a common practice to add customized information fields to your databases.

PieSync offers you the option to map your customized fields between apps, so you can create your own workflow of contact information. Customize it your way!

Everything works smoothly with PieSync. After a 10-minute setup we were able to sync our contacts between Salesforce and HubSpot. In Salesforce we collect information about clients and prospects that, thanks to the sync, we can use in HubSpot for marketing purposes. I would definitely recommend it!

I have all my contacts in all my applications instantly. I can create a contact in Google Contacts, assign it to a Google Contacts group and it automatically appears in my CRM, Infusionsoft. Then, when I change a group in Google Contacts to accounts, the same contact syncs with Xero, my accounting system.