Empower your CRM with synchronized data

Up-to-date and comprehensive customer data is essential for your business to perform at its best. PieSync connects your CRM to the rest of your tech stack with two-way, real-time customer data syncing – helping you provide the most relevant and personalized customer experiences.

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Enrich your CRM data for a 360-degree view of customers

Your CRM is the place where you keep the most valuable asset of your business: your customer data. But you also have plenty of other applications collecting this data, such as customer support software, marketing apps, billing tools, and much more.

While your CRM is powerful alone, it's infinitely more powerful when connected seamlessly with all of these other apps. PieSync is the bridge between your CRM and the rest of your software stack, enabling you to always have a 360-degree view of your customers.

PieSync's two-way sync solution enables you to enrich your CRM with the data collected by other tools. That means your CRM will offer a clear overview of all key interactions, purchases and preferences for all your customers.

Use cases

A CRM is the central port of call to find crucial information about prospects and customers. By connecting it with other tools, your CRM will display all key customer data at the click of a button, enabling everyone in your organization to have a holistic view of your customers.

Here's how teams of all shapes and sizes use PieSync to integrate the data between their CRM and the rest of their tech stacks, creating comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date customer profiles.


Sync your CRM and your phone contacts

When meeting new prospects or customers outside the office, many professionals prefer to register their new contacts on phone contact apps – such as Google Contacts or iCloud contacts – rather than on their CRM.

By using PieSync to sync your phone with your CRM, these new phone contacts will be automatically added to your CRM, keeping any tags and categorization you applied.

In addition, since your CRM stores the newest contact entries and updates, this information will also be synced to your phone in real time. This means you'll always have caller ID on your phone automatically, even if you're just getting a call from a fresh lead.


Merge marketing qualified leads into your CRM

You can choose whether you want a one-way or two-way sync with PieSync. This allows you to not only send information from your CRM into your marketing apps, but also to send marketing leads to your CRM database.

Labels, tags and other attributes help you identify a lead's status, score or stage. Using PieSync's "if-this-then-that" rules, you can choose which leads to merge and into which category.

The best part is that PieSync also considers your historical data, not just data that was created after the sync was set up – so you won't have to worry about duplicating data in your CRM. You can enrich contact records in all applications without overwriting important data.


Keep contact data up-to-date in real time

Teams across your organization – be it marketing, sales or customer service – rely on accurate contact data to nurture and maintain good relationships with your customers. Automating contact management tasks and data updates is one of the fastest, most reliable ways to make sure everyone has access to accurate data at the right time.

You can achieve this by using your CRM as your business' central contact database and enriching it with information collected by other apps. That way, you can make sure that every team will always know how and where to find just what they need to deliver a holistic customer experience, personalize a marketing campaign, or know exactly what to say to a prospect to get them to convert.


Ensure compliance with data protection laws

PieSync can sync customers' communication preferences between all key apps – so you can visualize customers' opt-ins and opt-outs in all apps to comply with data protection and privacy laws such as GDPR and CCPA.

For example, if someone unsubscribed from your newsletter, PieSync can automatically add an “unsubscribe” tag to this person’s records in your other apps. This makes it easy for you to track this contact and delete their necessary data to comply with the customer’s request.


A core value at LionDesk is that we play well with others. By having an open system that allows users to connect their favorite business building tools, they’re able to work more efficiently and effectively. PieSync is a must-have integration for syncing important data between systems. Your CRM is only as good as the information you are feeding it.

David AndersonCEO at LionDesk

With PieSync, as soon as a lead enters our CRM, it's available for a "one-click call-back" in the mobile phone of our sales team. It's fixing three problems at once: speed, data accuracy and sales' engagement with CRM.

Adrien JorgeCo-Founder at Propseller