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Finally, a true sync solution for your CRM

Your CRM is the place where you centralize the most valuable asset of your business: your customer data. With PieSync's two-way sync solution, you can enrich your CRM's data while empowering your other business applications.

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Have your CRM in sync with your other business tools

Within your software stack, you have the best-of-breed business applications gathering all types of data. The tools through which you interact with your customers, leads and prospects must be connected to your CRM in such a way that nothing slips through the cracks.

PieSync offers a complete sync solution to keep your CRM and the rest of your software stack connected two-way and in real time.

Here are some of the most popular combinations among our CRM users:

Sync your CRM and your phone

With PieSync, you can automatically sync your phone to your CRM. Any changes you make to your phone's contact database will be reflected in your CRM and vice versa. You'll have proper caller ID so you can always recognize who is calling you, even if it’s a fresh website lead.

You can also create simple if-this-then-that rules, which allow you to sync all of your contacts or only certain segments. In addition, if you need your entire team to be in sync, you can easily share contacts from multiple accounts.

Sync your CRM and your marketing tools

PieSync is that key ingredient you need to have your marketing and sales teams aligned. You can finally merge your Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) safely into existing CRM contacts without overwriting data.

You can also improve the segmentation of your marketing and nurturing campaigns and automatically personalize your email outreach with your CRM data. PieSync also helps you to consistently sync customer data across systems to aid in GDPR compliance.

Integrate your business tools

PieSync's supported apps include tools for accounting, emailing, billing, ecommerce, VoIP and much more. You can automatically sync the contacts, leads or company data from any of their databases to your CRM and vice versa.

Have your entire tech stack in sync two-way and in real time, eliminating duplicate information and redundant data entry.

Before PieSync, syncing our data to a CRM was more of a hassle than an advantage. We needed to keep the categories we were using in Outlook. That was the basis of our internal organization and no other cloud integration software was offering that possibility. Intelligent Syncing makes PieSync the most advanced sync engine out there!

With PieSync, as soon as a lead enters our CRM, it's available for a "one-click call-back" in the mobile phone of our sales team. It's fixing three problems at once: speed, data accuracy and sales' engagement with CRM.