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Sync your customer support tool with your other apps

Have your customer's entire story available on any device at all times. PieSync makes sure your customer data is always in sync and up-to-date between your customer support tool and your other business applications.

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A complete sync solution for your entire software stack

For your customers, there's nothing more frustrating than having to repeat their story over and over again. To avoid that, your support agents need to have access to your customers' data at all times. The problem is that sometimes the interaction with your customers doesn't happen through your customer care tool, but through your email, accounting, CRM or marketing tool.

PieSync helps you get rid of data silos with its two-way contact sync solution. Not only will you have your customer data available on your support tool, but it will also be readily accessible to all your teams across your entire app stack.

Here is how Piesync can help you improve your customer experience:

Have your CRM's data available on your customer support tool

Your CRM stores most of your customer data. The problem is that if it's not in sync with your customer support tool, you can't guarantee that your support agents will have access to up-to-date and correct customer data. That has a direct impact on your agents' ability to solve tickets fast and effectively.

Having the right information at their fingertips will not only make your agents' lives a lot easier, but will improve customer satisfaction too.

Enrich your CRM with customer support data

What happens with that valuable information that your agents gather during their interactions with customers? Sometimes, it can be key for a salesperson to close a deal.

PieSync works 2-way, which means that if you update or add customer data in your customer support tool, you'll have that change automatically available in your CRM too.

Get other tools in sync

Customer support teams have a unique insight into your customers' needs. They know them closely and understand what they want better than anyone in your business. That's why the data they collect is so important for the rest of your teams.

With PieSync, you can create workflows of data between your customer care tool and all types of business apps: accounting, billing, email marketing tools and much more. If you want to filter the data you need in sync, use PieSync's if-this-then-that rules to share only the information that is relevant for your other teams.

I use PieSync to sync Google Contacts with my Salesforce and entirely eliminate data entry from my processes. With affordable service and responsive customer support, I know I'm in good hands.

PieSync is so easy to use. I love the functionality and it's super easy to configure. Once you've done that, it just works in the background and keeps our business synced!