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This is how digital agencies keep their software stack in sync

Digital agencies and consultants use dozens of business tools every day, most of which collect relevant data about their prospects, leads and customers. Top digital agencies and tech-savvy consultants use PieSync to keep their data in sync between apps.

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Enrich your customer knowledge

Knowledge is power! Your customer data allows you to segment, personalize your marketing messages and make sure you reach out to the right leads. Are you already using the right tools to collect data? Take your business to the next level by having all of your apps in sync and enrich your customer data database across your tech stack. PieSync is quick and easy to set up and does all the work for you in the background. Just set it and forget it.

This is how PieSync will make your life easier:

Focus on the right customers

For most agencies, attracting and acquiring new clients is a challenge. However, dedicating your time and resources to those leads and prospects that might actually convert is essential to your growth. PieSync’s Intelligent Syncing allows you to create "if-this-then-that" workflows, so you can do things such as automatically send hot leads to your CRM or subscribe or unsubscribe customers from email marketing lists.

With PieSync, you can merge your Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) safely into existing CRM contacts, without ever overwriting data.

Align your sales & marketing tools

With PieSync, you can easily align the efforts of your marketing and sales teams by making sure they are always on the same page. Thanks to PieSync's 2-way contact sync, you can be sure that your contact database is up-to-date, free of duplicates and consistent across your business apps. All of your departments will have access to the right information - no more misunderstandings and miscommunications.

You can also automatically improve your email list segmentation by syncing it with your CRM.

Get PieSync certified on the HubSpot Academy

HubSpot Solutions Partners should take the PieSync fundamentals course.

The course is a perfect primer for partners who are new to iPaas, partners who use other solutions like Zapier for their clients, or partners who haven't considered iPaas to date. It also features an extensive deep dive into PieSync's product.

Good to know: HubSpot Solutions Partners can activate syncs from and to their own partner HubSpot portal for free. Not yet a HubSpot Solutions Partner? Apply here

I use Freshbooks for invoicing and SharpSpring for marketing. I was looking for a way to get my customer information from Freshbooks and into Sharpspring and PieSync does that perfectly. I also use PieSync to add customer details to my email marketing apps, I even sync customer contacts to my phone via iCloud. It works in all directions, so even if I am out of the office and I meet a new contact, I add them in my phone and PieSync syncs them to my other systems instantly.

For me, the best thing about PieSync is the peace of mind: once you turn on your sync your team and you will be on the same page and keep each other accountable. There are very few technologies that can offer that.