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Sync your email marketing tool with your other apps

Email communications are one of the most effective ways to reach out to your customers and prospects. But it's not always easy to keep your emailing lists up-to-date or ensure that they have the quality data you need to send out relevant and personalized communications. That's where PieSync steps in: we sync the contact databases across your app stack so you always operate with fully enriched, up-to-date and relevant data.

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A complete sync solution for your entire tech stack

You are using an email marketing tool to send out valuable communications across a customer's lifecyle. Your goal is to nurture and engage leads, customers, prospects and other types of contacts with unique messages.

Quality customer data is key to ensure those messages are relevant, and two-way synchronization is the best way to make sure your emailing lists have that data available and up-to-date.

Here are some benefits of having your email marketing tool in sync with you other business apps:

Sync your email marketing tool with your CRM

You can finally merge your Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) safely into existing CRM contacts without overwriting data.

Improve the segmentation of your marketing and nurturing campaigns and automatically personalize your email outreach with your CRM data. In addition, with this sync, you can automatically improve your email list segmentation with your CRM's data.

Align marketing & sales

PieSync helps you with the difficult task of aligning your marketing and sales efforts by making sure both teams have access to the same data. Thanks to our two-way contact sync, you can be sure that your contact database is up-to-date, free of duplicates and consistent across your business apps.

All of your departments will have access to the right information - no more misunderstandings and miscommunications.

Manage opt-ins and opt-outs

Thanks to PieSync’s if-this-then-that rules, you can create the workflow that suits your business needs. You can automatically subscribe or unsubscribe customers from email marketing lists or send hot leads to the sales team’s CRM.

You can consistently sync customer data across systems to aid in GDPR compliance. PieSync lets you add a ‘trash’-tag to the customer’s records in your preferred apps. This makes it easy for you to track your contact information and delete the necessary data to comply with the customer’s request.

We use PieSync to synchronize our GSuite account with our CRM and marketing automation platform. PieSync was crucial to whether or not we went ahead with our projects. Without PieSync, we would have abandoned the projects and all the benefits we’ve gained from it. It was a real situation of “to sync or not to sync".

Everything works smoothly with PieSync. After a 10-minute setup we were able to sync our contacts between Salesforce and HubSpot. In Salesforce we collect information about clients and prospects that, thanks to the sync, we can use in HubSpot for marketing purposes. I would definitely recommend it!