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Syncing leads and lead conversion

PieSync enables users to share data across the different stages of the customer’s lifecycle. By syncing leads between apps, you can create automatic workflows in which leads, converted leads and contacts are duly differentiated for marketing and sales purposes.

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Some CRMs make a distinction between leads and contacts according to the stage of the customer lifecycle. Leads are prospects with an identified potential that are not yet converted into contacts you have a relationship with.

The treatment you give to each group within your sales funnel is quite different. PieSync enables you to sync leads and lead conversion across your tech stack, automating multiple tasks like contact management, lead assignment and segmentation.

Here's how you can optimize your sales funnel with PieSync:

Nurture your leads

Your data is always changing. Your prospects will become leads, then they may become an opportunity and that opportunity will hopefully turn into a closed deal. If you try to manually update your data, you'll always be a step behind. Luckily, you can have PieSync working in the background and constantly searching for updates.

If you are sending out different email communications, PieSync makes sure that whenever someone takes a step further into your sales funnel, you'll have it automatically synced to the right emailing list.

Distribute your leads

PieSync's customizable options allow you to pool contacts together or keep them separate. It also helps you share leads with your team. That way, it's easy to route leads directly to the right salesperson as soon as they come in.

With PieSync, you can have your CRM, lead generation tool and apps like Google Contacts and iCloud in sync. This means you can make sure your salespeople have access to up-to-date lead information on their phones.

Merging MQL safely into existing CRM contacts

You can choose to sync your Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL) to your CRM without ever overwriting data. This will allow your salespeople to focus on the leads that will actually convert into opportunities and, eventually, your most valuable customers.

No more CSV file sharing! With PieSync, having your marketing and sales teams on the same page is a piece of cake (or pie).

With PieSync, as soon as a lead enters our CRM, it's available for a "one-click call-back" in the mobile phone of our sales team. It's fixing three problems at once: speed, data accuracy and sales' engagement with CRM.

The #1 problem PieSync solves for me is to stay in sync and save me the hassle of redundant data entry. When I enter new leads to ONE Page CRM, I want to see them quickly in Google Contacts on my phone. That way, I can easily follow up with them, or recognize their number when they call or text me.