Contact syncing. As easy as pie.

Meet PieSync, one app to sync them all. Get to know a little more about us and find out how we can transform your business.

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Connect your tech stack. Empower your business.


One-way or two-way?

Choose which way your data will flow

You have total control over the direction of your sync. Select a two-way sync if you want the data to sync continuously between both apps. Choose one-way if you only want to make changes in a single app and see it directly reflected in another.


Personalized rules, made by you

Create your own rules for your syncs

With PieSync’s IF/THEN rules, you can choose just where each contact will go. Use it to create segments of your contacts to be synced to and from your chosen apps.

Have full control over your sync

Map out how you want to sync different fields across apps

Your apps may have different fields on its contact records. PieSync will suggest common fields you can sync across apps - like syncing a ‘first name’ field to another ‘first name’ field - but you can also choose how you want to sync certain custom fields.

Avoid duplicates

Get rid of duplicate contacts in your apps

PieSync scan your entire database, using a contact’s email address as a basis to match contacts across apps. For example, if a contact exists in two apps, we enrich both records - so that means no more duplicates across your app stack.

Effortlessly manage list subscriptions

Make sure contacts are subscribed - or unsubscribed - in all your tools

If someone opts in or out from your email list, you should make sure their preferences are updated in your other apps. With PieSync, you can tag contacts or automatically subscribe or unsubscribe them from lists in other apps, making sure every one of your contacts is on the right list in every tool.

Monitor your connections

Keep an eye on the syncing status of all your contacts

The health dashboard gives an overview of actions taken by PieSync. See for yourself which contacts were synced, and we’ll also let you know if there were any syncing errors and why. There’s also a handy search function and timeline showing details for any contact, app or connection.

Work better together

Make sure all your teams are on the same page

You can invite unlimited team members to PieSync, and each of them can set up their own connections with their own set of rules. You can also sync apps used by different teams to make sure everyone’s working with the same set of data.

What can you sync with PieSync?


Your contacts can be your clients, vendors, partners… pretty much everyone you’re in touch with in the day-to-day of your business. This is the main kind of data that PieSync works with - we can sync contact data between all of our supported apps.


In some CRMs, there may be a difference between a contact record and a lead record. With PieSync, you can make sure that leads and contacts are properly distinguished in every app, and ensure that each person is treated according to where they are in their journey with you.


Some of your tools might also let you create records for companies, or maybe accounts, organizations or businesses - in short, a record for a business entity instead of an individual. You can sync this data between some of our supported apps - and you can actually sync company information into contact records too.